About Us

Me and my wife welcomed a beautiful baby this year on February 29th, 2020
(Our amazing leap day baby!)

We had two weeks of friends and family coming over to visit and then, shutdown started due to Covid-19. It was a whirlwind of being on maternity leave, being furloughed and then finally returning to work, all while trying to figure out how to be the best moms we could be.

When you are married to a woman and have a child together, finding items that cater to your family can be much harder. Perhaps trying to find a baby book that doesn't reference a "dad" or wanting to purchase a cute pre-made photo frame but all you can find are frames that say "I love my mom & dad." And ... of course ... trying to find cute baby clothes our child can wear that represent our family.

That is where Born Human Apparel came in.

I wanted to provide clothes that showcased a variety of fun colors and most importantly, reflect the issues that I am passionate about, such as:
Equality | LGBTQ+ | Human Rights | Social Justice | Identity | Freedom | Gender Inclusivity | Breaking Down Stereotypes | etc.

I hope you enjoy my products and please know that I will be consistently adding new designs! So even if you don't see anything that catches your eye now, there will be lots more to choose from!

Thank you so much and I hope your day is amazing! <3